Getting your certification is a big step.

Maintaining it should be as easy as you acquiring it.

The Certification Maintenance Process (CMP) is structured to enable you to learn continiously, grow and develop the skills you need to solve problems while maintaing your global certification status

The processes are:

Professional Development Points

Membership Status

Certification Renewal

Professional Development Points

Professional Development Points(PDP): are points awarded for the hours of time you spent learning(virtually or physically) via seminars, workshops or trainings in line with the certifications acquired.

With various certificates of learning from seminars or workshops you can accumulate these points.

Learn more about how to accumulate your professional development points

Membership Status

Your membership status with the MTRI Community must always be active as this is one of the pre-requisite for maintaining the authenticity and validity your certification.

MTRI Membership gives you a Global Recognition while ensuring you remain a Certified Professional.

Learn more about how to maintain your membership status

Certification Renewal

All Certifications acquired from MTRI are only valid for a particular period of time and must be renewed when it is no longer valid. In other for you to remain a certified professional you must ensure your certifications are valid at all times.

In other to renew your certifications NO Course Fee, Examination Fee or Certificate Fee is applicable.

Learn more about all you need to renew your certifications
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